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Oct 10, 2015

The 2-2 Seahawks head back on the road after winning two straight at home. This Sunday they face the first of two undefeated teams in back-to-back game. Jay Wahlbrink, /u/ukfan3108 on reddit, joins the show to offer the perspective of a Bengals fan and what we might expect to see in a matchup between these two teams.

The Bengals seem to be building a team somewhat similar to the Seahawks. A run-first offense, a team at the top in the league in explosive plays and a defensive line that can get after the quarterback. One major difference between these two teams in the first four games is that the Bengals line has done an outstanding job at protecting their quarterback.

Will the Bengals be able to get to 5-0, something they couldn't do last season after a great start, or will coach Pete Carroll get a win over a team he's been winless against in his career as an NFL coach.

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