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Apr 16, 2018

We kick off our 200th show with a big announcement. Seattle has landed what might just be the biggest catch in free agency. John Schneider has gone fishing and he landed a Seabass. It only took 200 shows for Adam to feel like the Seahawks might be tuning in to hear his thoughts on some of the most needed additions to the team.

Seattle is set to make a bunch of new additions to the team in a couple of weeks with the 2018 NFL Draft right around the corner. Rob Staton of joins the show to talk about some of the college players who have visited with the Seahawks.

Rob gives his thoughts on what he thinks it would take for the Seahawks to stay put with the 18th pick and forego drafting on the second day of the draft. He also discusses his philosophy around some of the players who might not have draftable grades, but are among the names Seattle is bringing in for a private visit. That may have an impact on where these players decide to go if they are among the many undrafted free agents at the conclusion of the draft.

After the discussion with Rob, Brandan and Adam get into a couple of the biggest news items from this past week as Seattle reportedly cancels a visit with Colin Kaepernick who had been scheduled to come in for a workout. Is this a signal that the Seahawks are trending toward a team that wants less "hoopla" surrounding it? Dez Bryant was just cut by the Cowboys, so expect the talk about Earl Thomas to ramp up, because it has already started.

Do better nods go to a meth smoking child care provider in Adam's hometown and to a fortune teller who is predicting an upcoming Super Bowl for a division rival. Better at life nominees go out to NASA scientists for an experiment that could determine the future of the human race and a co-host who many of us hope never changes.

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