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Jul 1, 2018

The way the offseason has played out for Rams and the Seahawks, things couldn't be more different. With departing stars like Richard Sherman, Michael Bennett, and Cliff Avril now off the team on defense. Seahawks fans have also watched Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson sign big contracts to go to other teams in free agency. On top of that, Kam Chancellor career is in question and Earl Thomas held out from the team's minicamp.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams only seem to be adding stars. Brandin Cooks was traded to the Rams from the Patriots and on defense they acquired Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. Brandan and Adam talk to James and Bear about their feelings the directions the two teams appear to be going and why simply going by arrivals and departures could be a bit deceptive when it comes to both squads.

One of the hallmarks of our talks with the Rams Podcast over the past two seasons, and now into our third, is our annual bet. The first year Adam lost a bet between Thomas Rawls and Todd Gurley. Last year was one between Cooper Kupp and Tyler Lockett. This year, the bet moves to the defensive side of the ball, as well as a bonus bet with both teams going head to head.

In the second half of the show, the guys tease the new song "Crappin' on the Rams" which closes this week's show. Find out why Adam has some sentimentality to this one particular iconic 80s rock song that the new tune parodies. After some blowback last episode to Brandan's comments about the Godfather, he explains his position as to why he couldn't put it at the top spot for greatest movie of all time. The guys close the show with a listener submitted 'do better' for a great American accomplishment that may have gone mostly unnoticed in the news and a better at life nod toward Sandy Gregory, who started her career with the Seahawks in 1976 and just announced her retirement.

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Crappin' on the Rams Credits
Executive Producers: The Flock
Associate Producer: Dustin Mock
Performed by: Jay Stevens
Written by: Flocktimus Prime, Cameron Cole, and Brandan Schulze with input from the Sea Hawkers Podcast Ring of Honor Facebook Group

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