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Oct 4, 2018

Coming out of the 20-17 win against the Cardinals, an unlikely position group is getting some leaguewide recognition. The Seahawks offensive line was highlighted by as one of the top five units in the league this last week. Adam and Brandan take a look at just how little Russell Wilson had to worry about getting hit in this game. With Pocic on his way back to being healthy, they look at how the Seahawks are approaching it considering the relative success they've had with this particular group of five players over the past two weeks.

The loss of Earl Thomas will have an impact, but which player injury will have the more long-term impact for the Seahawks. Will Dissly has on the brink of having a breakout rookie season, but could the prior injury of Jimmy Graham provide some optimism for Seahawks fans that the Montana native can return to the player we saw through the first quarter of the season.

Looking ahead to the matchup with the Rams, it's going to be a significant challenge against a team averaging around 35 points a game through their first four games and a team that put up big numbers in Seattle last season. The loss of Thomas right before this game will have an impact, but should Seahawks fans be as concerned that KJ Wright will continue to be out especially with Mychal Kendricks now out indefinitely from his suspension from the NFL? John in Louisville emails in to provide some helpful pointers for the offense in the matchup with the Rams.

After the break, the guys take a look at the team after the first quarter of the season and project forward on what would need to happen to contend for a playoff spot. An email to the show from Nathan shows that even a few days out after a win, it's still maddening how one play call in particular shifted the game and impacted the career of Earl Thomas.

Closing out the show, Adam has two drop a 'do better' on two sports analysts he deeply respects and Brandan congratulates the few people who were able to find the audio of an historic first in NFL sports media. Better at life honors go to a team of scientists who are taking the first steps to preventing Armageddon and to our Seahawks kicker who reminds us that winning continues to be a better option than losing while helping our quarterback be one of the ultimate winners among the Seattle franchise quarterbacks.

Special thanks to Associate Producer Dustin Mock!

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