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Nov 9, 2018

The Seahawks lose what ends up being a close game at the end to the Chargers. The defense holds the Chargers offense to zero points after having a rough first half. With the fact the defense was able to keep it close, Russell Wilson has to own a big part of the loss. Taking sacks, missing receivers and not getting rid of the ball when he has an opportunity all had an impact. The guys talk about how he's having to do some work to get back to working within the offensive system.

Part of the trouble in the first half against the Chargers was with giving up explosive players to the Chargers. The guys dig into the third down stats to see that the Seahawks are among the best in the league on holding teams on third down. Why does it feel like if the opposing team is in a third and long situation that the defense is going to give up a big play?

Looking ahead to the Rams game on Sunday, the Seahawks ability to attack the perimeter the way the Saints did last week and success throwing deep against Peters will help keep them in the game. Adam thinks the defense has to be able to get enough stops to keep the Rams under 30 points for Seattle to have a shot to win. Seattle hasn't shown much ability to get a pass rush against good offensive lines and Jared Goff has been outstanding when throwing from a clean pocket. Those two things could make for a difficult day.

The loss to the Chargers knocked the Seahawks playoff chances down to 35% when it was 50% last week. Adam and Brandan look at the other teams in the playoff race for the NFC Wild Card spots to try and see where the biggest competition is and how it will impact the games on the schedule.

In the second half of the show we talk about Bruce Irvin going to the Falcons rather than coming back to Seattle and talk about how the Seahawks touchdown celebrations having been on point this season. One of our members of the flock went to Western Oregon University, or at least a school that now refers to itself by that name. Others attempt to verify its existence, but it starts to sound more like a Bigfoot sighting than actual verifiable evidence.

In the Do Better segment Brandan goes after Troy Aikman while Adam talks about his experience trying to license his camper. Better at Life honors go to new space technology that involves pirates (but not space pirates) and to Chris Carson for opening up about a traumatic event that has him championing a cause that is a critical issue in the Seattle area.

Special thanks to Associate Producer Dustin Mock!

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