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Apr 16, 2015

This week's featured guest is Zach Whitman. He's the owner of and is regularly featured on After talking a bit about SPARQ scores in the past, we bring him on to give us the direct background into where these scores come from and what they mean for teams like the Seahawks.

Zach talks about players who rate highly on the scale as well as one who ranks notoriously low and he offers reasons why that particular player is more athletic than some numbers may have shown him to be initially.

We talk about wide receiver, offensive line and defensive back prospects the Seahawks could be looking at early in the draft and get into whether or not the Seahawks could look at drafting a quarterback. Zach explains why it makes sense to look at certain types of positions early in the draft while other positions can wait until later rounds.

Follow Zach on Twitter: @zjwhitman