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Feb 3, 2015

The Seahawks suffer a heartbreaking loss in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLIX. Adam efficiently narrows the stages of grief down to two. Brandan offers a short line for all Seattle fans to memorize to try and help get through the loss.

Around the 18-minute mark of the show, Adam hits the peak of his tirade about the Seahawks decision to pass on their final offensive play of the game before the guys move on to praise Chris Matthews, who came out of nowhere to have an outstanding game, and talk about a tremendous Jermaine Kearse catch that was already being heralded as the dagger in the heart of the Patriots before the interception. 

We take your calls, emails and tweets (two calls came in after recording the show and we wanted to include them in the portion of the show usually reserved for interviews). Thanks for all of the input and support!

Moving on to "Do Better," Brandan calls out a couple Seahawks players for moments they’re likely regretting following the game, and the guys speculate on what Johnny Manziel might be in treatment for. "Better at Life honors" go out to Richard Sherman for playing hurt and Marshawn Lynch for his entertainment leading up to the game and restraint afterward.

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