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Jul 1, 2015

We kick off this week with a bit of the latest Seahawks news. Is Russell Wilson greedy for reportedly turning down a deal that would pay him similar to Cam Newton. Is $25 million too much to pay for a franchise quarterback? Think back to the Seahawks quarterback trio of 1992 in Gelbaugh, Stouffer and McGwire before you’re quick to answer.

Michael Bennett says staying in Hawaii would be a better option than going back to work on time. He sounds like just about every person I’ve ever talked to Sunday night. Prediction: he’ll show up for training camp the same way we all manage to get to work on Monday.

We continue our Know Your Rival series this week by talking 49ers with Oscar of the Better Rivals Podcast.  While many seem to be writing off  San Francisco considering all of the change this offseason, Oscar finds reason to be optimistic his team could finish with double digit wins. Even with the retirement of Willis and Boreland, he says the linebacking corps continues to be the strength of the defense. While on offense, the 49ers are looking to improve after creating a more complementary receiving corps and speeding up their play calls. Follow Oscar on Twitter @BetterRivals.

After the break, we talk about Nate Boyer’s MMQB article and the viral video that inspired his topic. We also got a ton of email that we’ll look forward to getting to next week. We continue the focus on Russell Wilson as Pete Prisco and Mike Florio need to do better. Prisco is treading ever so closely into Skip Bayless territory. Podcaster Marc Maron is better at life than Skip this week along with the Seahawks for announcing they have taken tickets back from brokers to make more available at affordable prices for us fans.

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