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Oct 6, 2015

 The Seattle Seahawks win a close one over the Detroit Lions, 13-10, thanks to a big play by Kam Chancellor and a non-call that goes the Seahawks way. It was the Russell Wilson show doing things only Russell Wilson can do that put the Seahawks in position to win the game, but turnovers and the play along the o-line also allowed this game to be so close. Brandan and Adam talk about the final play on defense and how if K.J. Wright makes that play slightly differently, there is no controversy. But consider the controversy if the refs make the call -- then it's a bad rule that impacted the outcome of the game (just like a certain play in the end zone for the Detroit Lions a few years back).

It's a short show (no Bengals preview), because we had time to get a show in before we hit the road back to Montana. We get into our customary Do Better and Better at Life segments with observations on the CenturyLink crowd and around the stadium, and how Coke is negatively impacting Adam's life.

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