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Nov 5, 2018

Penalties, whether on the Seahawks or on the Chargers, seemed to be the story of this game. Seattle, in the final minutes of the game, are able to drive down and have one more shot at a touchdown thanks to calls that went against the Chargers defense. J.R. Sweezy gets called for a false start right before the final play just for good measure. A tipped pass makes it so David Moore is unable to come down with it in the back of the end zone and Seattle loses 25-17.

Philip Rivers made it pretty clear he would have liked to have seen a whole lot more penalties go his way. Even will all of the laundry on the field, the Seahawks still had moments to overcome the calls. Seabass had a chance to make a field goal and missed. Russell had opportunities where he missed guys on throws. Some calls, like the one where Mike Williams had a foot or two out of bounds, may have even allowed Seattle to score more points.

What is certain is that the Seahawks did have a chance in the end and they missed an opportunity to get one game closer to the Rams. It's a Rams team the Seahawks will get to face on Sunday and joining us to close out the show is Cedric Morris as he talks about the events going on Saturday for the Hermosa Beach takeover and the Southern California Seahawks Fans tailgate on Sunday.

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