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Jun 2, 2016

This isn't just a list with Seahawks players, there have been some important coaches to know over the years who were a big part of the team having success. Chuck Knox led the Seahawks to their only AFC Championship game in just his first season as head coach. Mark Tye Turner returns as co-host to talk about the "Ground Chuck" offense and the philosophy of Coach Knox.

For the only coach in the Seahawks Ring of Honor, things did not end well in Seattle. Mark talks about how Coach Knox was marginalized in his final years with the Seahawks. A former coach from the Los Angeles Raiders, Tom Flores was general manager and present of the team for the final years of Knox's time in Seattle and Flores eventually took over when Knox left.

Perhaps Coach Knox's tenure in Seattle would have lasted even longer if he could've selected Brett Favre, the quarterback he wanted in the 1991 NFL Draft, instead of Dan McGwire, the guy owner Ken Behring wanted. 

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