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Oct 15, 2018

The Seahawks strolled into London and came away with a dominant 27-3 victory over the Oakland Raiders. It all started with the first drive that really set the tone for the team for the entire game. The physicality from the offensive line was matched by physical play on the defensive line that gave Derek Carr a lot of trouble all day long.

Fans watching on television may have heard the noise generated by the crowd at Wembley Stadium, but what doesn’t come across the broadcast is how important this game was for a lot of overseas 12s. For some people it meant attending their first Seahawks game, because it was a destination in a reasonable travel distance for them. Clearly the culture Seahawks fans have created appears to translate well to many of the people representing so many countries in Europe.

Russell Wilson, once again, had a very efficient day and got to play Oprah with the way he delivered touchdown passes. Doug Baldwin was back to being the leading receiver and he had a simple explanation for exactly why things turned around compared to his performance from last week.

Thanks to all the listeners who showed up to meet up with us while we were on the road! We had an incredibly memorable weekend.