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Apr 16, 2016

NFL Draft talk and the release of the 2016 NFL Schedule dominate this week's jam packed show. Adam and Brandan start the show by talking about an offensive lineman they'd like to see land with the Seahawks, Jason Spriggs a tackle from Indiana, and why Spriggs seems like the type of guy Seattle would want.

To get deeper into the draft, Rob Staton of Seahawks Draft Blog and co-host of the 3000 NFL Mock Draft Podcast breaks down his formula for identifying players most likely to fit the Seahawks profile for an offensive lineman. He points out the formula isn't a predictor of performance in the NFL, but a predictor of a player with the traits the team tends to look for. Rob also offers his thoughts on the one player more than any other he'd like to see fall to Seattle, guys at other skill positions, and another offensive lineman who might be his favorite story in the draft.

Next Adam and Brandan get into the schedule and welcome on listener Dave Bloomquist to talk about the schedule. There wasn't a more outspoken critic of last season's schedule, so what does Dave have to think about it this year?

After a few news items, we get into your emails and comments. In the Do Better segment, Adam talks about his recent trip to get his license renewed before the guys break down an arrest video by former Heisman Trophy winner and 49ers backup quarterback Troy Smith. Better at life nods go to former Seahawk Patrick Kerney for giving back to players in the league by sharing his knowledge and experience. Lastly, Adam explains why Inky the octopus is better at life than Skip Bayless.

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