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Sep 7, 2016

It's here! The regular season of the NFL is upon us and the Seahawks kick off the 2016 season at home against the Miami Dolphins. This is a special game for Adam, considering how he's shown no attempt to hide is disdain for the Dolphins over the years. The guys preview the matchup with the Dolphins and go over the 53 players who made the cut as well as the announcement of team captains.

Sam Marcoux, host of the Perfectville podcast for the Miami Dolphins, joins the show to talk about his thoughts on Miami's preseason. He says this can be a make or break year for the Dolphins and whether Ryan Tannehill can be their future franchise quarterback. Sam answers Adam's biggest question of whether or not the Dolphins have a tight end with the ability to consistently burn the Seahawks defense. 

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A do better nod goes out to the Seahawks equipment guy who allowed two guys with the same number on the field as well as the Vikings general manager for giving up two draft picks for Sam Bradford. Better at life honors go out to a UFC fighter and 12 Flag raiser, and Skip Bayless' new colleague offers a similar message that we've been propagating for years.

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