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Sep 15, 2016

The Seahawks open the season with a 12-10 win over the Miami Dolphins. Defense and special teams carried the day for most of the game and the offense comes up with a 75-yard drive when they need it most to earn the victory. While Brandan wants to hand deliver a game ball to Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills, Adam gives his to Jeremy Lane who had a tremendous impact as part of the Legion of Boom. The defense, apart from one star player, seemed to have its swagger and looked like the defense that led the scoring the past four years.

The guys preview the game against the Rams and cover the most interesting play from their week 1 game against the 49ers. Adam talks about how fans can completely throw logic out the window when it comes to the games where the Seahawks play the Rams.

Former Seahawks long snapper and Army veteran Nate Boyer returns to the show and the guys discuss the Seahawks demonstration of unity and talk about their disappointment with much of the media leading up to the game. He also talks about the moment he decided he was going to give long snapping a try and unfortunately his phone hasn't been ringing this preseason to get back into competing for a position on an NFL team.

Adam wants a phone that fits in his hand and has the ability to text in an italics font. Because no company has seemed to come up with the second part, he feels that phone programmers should do better. Brandan takes on the media and how they're misguiding people with regard to the NFL protests. Better at life nominations go to a St. Louis sports bar and the Seahawks for knowing when it's time to move on.

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