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Oct 20, 2016

The Seahawks dominate the Falcons for three of the four quarters of Sunday's game and come away with a 26-24 victory. The final wasn't without controversy as Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas broke up a pass intended for Julio Jones and it looked like pass interference could have been called on Sherman. The guys talk about the play and break down some of the differences in the Seahawks defense that allowed the Falcons to run up 21 points in one quarter.

We preview the upcoming matchup with the division rival Arizona Cardinals. The surging Cardinals have won in back-to-back weeks against the 1-5 San Francisco 49ers and 1-5 New York Jets. A Seahawks win means they go up 2.5 games in the standings while a loss puts them only a half-game ahead of the Cardinals.

Adam's do better goes out to the editors of Inside the NFL, and as pointed out by @hwkbdgr, @jaredStanger and posted to @hawkblogger by @EvanonHB, the editors of the show cut the footage of the final offensive play by the Falcons to remove the interaction between Julio Jones and Richard Sherman at the line of scrimmage where Jones hit the helmet of Sherman. Brandan's do better goes to those using the play as an example for why replay should be used for pass interference calls when that play shows how complex and time consuming it would be to allow replay in that situation.

Better at life nods to go the Browns and Eagles for comically showing how ridiculous the new NFL social media policy is by using an electronic football board game to portray the highlights.

Adam closes the show with a story about the New Orleans Saints and how they signed a 14-year-old fan to a contract.

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