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Nov 13, 2013

The Seahawks played their most complete game of the season in their dominant 33-10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Not only that, but they did it on the road to go to 5-1 on the season away from CenturyLink. And it was a 10am PT start. The idea that Seattle isn't a good road team can officially be put to bed if it hasn't already.

At 9-1 overall, Seattle is in a very different position than this time last year when they earned a 30-20 victory over the Vikings to go to 5-3. Now they're in position to earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs and the Vikings are going to have to fight to not finish last in their division.

Master Sgt. Traci Williams, president of the Military Sea Hawkers and board member for Operation Ward 57, is on the show this week to talk about Sunday's Military Appreciation Day activities and the Seahawks matchup against the Vikings. There will be a Medal of Honor recipient raising the 12th Man flag, another MOH recipient leading the team out of the tunnel and plenty of other activities to honor our men an women who are wearing and have put on a uniform in defense of our country.

Adam and Brandan take a look at how Russell Wilson is comparing to other quarterbacks in their sophomore season. From the email bag they talk about why you aren't seeing a lot of major contributions by rookies and talk about how not to be a "bandwagon" fan.

This week's candidates for the "do better" segment belong to Donald Penn, offensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Bears fan John Grant who tazed his wife after a bet on the Bears vs. Packers game. Earl Thomas gets Adsam's nod for Better at life than Skip Bayless, and in the spirit of Veteran's Day,Brandan picks the team of veterans at ESPN and the video montage that played during their recognition.