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Jun 9, 2017

The guys kick off the show this week by talking about some of the news coming out of OTAs, and the very different kinds of stories fans are hearing from the local media vs the kinds of stories fans are getting from the national media. In OTAs, it's a lot of sunshine and rainbows particularly when it comes to George Fant and the improvements he's made over the offseason.

On NFL Network they've now made it through 70 of the top 100 players and we expect three Seahawks to show up on the list in the coming weeks. Adam and Brandan run down where guys fell out on the list to this point. The highest ranking player on the list so far is entering the final year of his contract and Michael Bennett is lobbying for him to get a new deal.

The ESPN article that was discussed on last week's show continues to make headlines, because now local reporters can ask players about their opinion on it while the players go through OTAs. One of the more shocking revelations is that some guys still aren't over the Super Bowl loss. Do they really have to get over it or just find a way to use the loss as some sort of constructive motivation?

Austin Davis has been signed to compete at the backup quarterback position which set off a small firestorm of its own, because apparently it was Colin Kaepernick's last opportunity to get a job. The guys break down an incredibly contradictory media report on NFL Network to show just how absurd the situation is.

The guys close out the show with some new members of the flock and some of your emails. Do better nods go to Bleacher Report and a writer using a slippery slope argument for ending a Nashville tradition. Better at life nominations go to a pair of former Stanford teammates, one for a lecture to reporters and one for keeping a year-old promise to a high school student.

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