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Aug 10, 2017

We're celebrating a full four years of the Sea Hawkers Podcast this week, and we have a former Super Bowl Champion long snapper coming on the show to help celebrate this week. Clint Gresham has a new book coming out called, Becoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness. He talks about some of the events that inspired him to write the book and he's still ready to play if he's called on to return to the team. Outside of the interview, Clint tells us that there's a portion of the book the team wasn't comfortable with helping to promote.

Before we get to the interview, the guys talk about their expectations for the 2017 Seattle Seahawks as they go into their first preseason game this weekend against the Los Angeles Chargers. While they both expect the run game to improve, Brandan thinks it will lead to some big numbers in the passing game. While Adam expects the defense to return to form and once again lead the NFL in scoring defense, Brandan expects a former All-Pro player to drop from that level.

The guys also get into some of the latest training camp news from this past week. Coach Carroll is really excited by the team's third-round cornerback and their top offensive lineman is getting extra reps this week because of a punch thrown by Frank Clark. Rounding out the news on the top picks from 2017, Malik McDowell is heading home to rest even though he feels fine. Coach Carroll explains that his injury is going to require him to rest and will likely miss the first game of the season and beyond.

Kenny Easley was inducted into the Hall of Fame this week, and he has a message for the 12s when he returns to town for the Seahawks second home game this year. A listener asks which players from the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era we can expect to see in the Hall of Fame in the future.

The show concludes with a group of office workers who were willing to have chips implanted into their bodies for functions normally handled by a piece of plastic and a do better for the Dallas Cowboys for cutting a player for a case of mistaken identity. Better at life nods go to the Dolphins for solidifying Adam's rooting interest  against the team, and to the 12s Helping 12s group for making a special moment happen at the Pro Bowl between a Hall of Famer and a long-time Seahawks super fan.

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