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Jan 21, 2018

A major shakeup in terms of the number of coaches turned over in the past week for the Seahawks, but we explore whether it really is a major overhaul in terms of philosophy for the team. Adam and Brandan discuss some of the major similarities with the new coaches compared to the former coaches who held the position.  Brian Schottenheimer replaces Darrell Bevell, Mike Solari is in for Tom Cable and Ken Norton Jr. returns to the team to take over for Kris Richard. Adam explains why he is two-thirds excited over these changes.

Keith Myers of 12th Man Rising and co-host of the Hawks Playbook podcast joins the show to talk about the departure of Tom Cable and the impact he had on the offensive line during his tenure with the Seahawks. He also offers his thoughts on Mike Solari and why he's excited about the Seahawks going back to the coach who held the job during two of the worst Seahawks seasons in recent history.

The Seahawks have their first arrest of the offseason as Jeremy Lane expresses his surprise that people can get a DUI for substances other than alcohol. The guys discuss the idea of having toxicity brackets considering how terrible some people are at driving even when they are sober.

Looking way ahead to 2018, there is already a game for fans to mark on their calendar as the Seahawks are set to take on the Oakland Raiders in Week 6 in London. The guys talk about some of the logistics associated with the game and all of the excitement among fans overseas surrounding the game.

A note to mock draft headline writers and writers who express surprise over the crazy things that happen during their personal mock drafts. And how the NFL rules committee needed to do better leading into the playoffs to get away from meaningless moments after games end in spectacular fashion. The guys close the show by honoring Cliff Avril's passion to return to the field and to Vikings fans for recognizing an act of sportsmanship in their big win over the Saints.

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