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Feb 19, 2018

The Seahawks will have the opportunity to use their franchise tag as early as this week. Who are some of the players who the team might target? The guys look at some recent metrics on the pass rush as well as the running game. They also discuss the interest among media to try and break up the Legion of Boom as the story lines around Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are now clear going through the offseason.

Samuel Gold breaks down the Brian Schottenheimer offense after taking a look at game tape from when he was the offensive coordinator for the 2014 St. Louis Rams.  Gold talks about the things he disliked from the offensive line in terms of the zone blocking scheme and ways that could improve this coming season.

Sam talks about Jimmy Graham and the marginal difference in cost between what Graham could command versus bringing in another player to fill his shoes. The guys run through the top names among free agents on the offensive line, which doesn't take long. Sam also gets into some of his favorite running backs in the 2018 draft and a name that could interest the Seahawks with their first pick.

After the interview, Adam explains why the Seahawks need to go fishing and how the Seahawks could fix one of the biggest problems for team in 2017. A trip to Prisco's World discusses one of the most ridiculous exercises analysists can go through in February.

Closing out the show, the guys take to task a YouTube commenter for his flat earth advocacy and Trout Unlimited for promoting fake outrage after a Super Bowl commercial. Better at life nods go to a girl scout for camping out at one of the top cookie selling locations of all time and to a pair of Seattle residents for leading an effort to fight hunger in Western Washington.


Sam’s Film Room: What Brian Schottenheimer’s passing scheme could look like

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