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May 20, 2018

We start off the show with some sad news this week after Chuck Knox passed away at the age of 86. Seahawks fans also got some closure on Cliff Avril's injury as he was waived from the team. But the positive news was that he'd be sticking around and joining a local radio station.

The Seahawks are back! Back to being the underdogs we've known prior to their Super Bowl victory. Adam and Brandan talk about why that is while going into some of the questions that we have about the 2018 season.  Among those questions has to do with the offensive line and a recent Field Gulls article has Adam musing if Mike Solari is the coaching version of Jay Cutler. In other news, after retiring from coaching, Bruce Arians may now be more of a part of our lives as Seahawks fans than he was by coaching in the division.

Earl Thomas is still in the news and we expect that he is probably not going to get an extension before the season. But he is going to be a member of the Seahawks this year - so stop it with the Cowboys talk! And speaking of the things that are silly to talk about, Russell Wilson expecting a franchise tag in 2020 is another one of them. But when Pete Carroll is throwing around glowing praise for their new 7th round quarterback, maybe his agent wants to try and cash in on a new contract right now. What can't Alex McGough do? We go over some of the news and quotes from Pete Carroll from rookie minicamp and we bring you some exclusive audio that will have you hyped up for one of this year's draft picks

Michael-Shawn Dugan, @MikeDugar on Twitter, joins the show to talk about what he saw at rookie minicamp. Dugar, formerly of the Seattle PI, is now a writer for The Athletic. His latest article discusses the Seahawks receiving corps and we talk about his roster breakdown and talk about if the Seahawks make a mistake by not drafting a receiver. Or should they count on the guys they brought in from recent years?

The dishooplafication of the Seahawks Roster continues and this time they make a sensible decision when it comes to having a tight end with the proper number of Ls in his name. We talk about the latest Supreme Court ruling and the expectation that it will lead to more gambling on NFL games. The guys talk about several issues around that before closing out with a Do Better for some crazy shifts in the media narrative toward the Seahawks based on people they visit with and to the Denver airport for inadequate signage. Better at life honors close the show for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a company that is bringing space age technology to one of Adam's favorite past times.

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