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May 29, 2018

**Anthem-free version. Because not only do we understand that the issue has saturated the media, but a couple of our listeners were betting that we couldn't do it**

It turns out Russell Wilson has life problems just like the rest of us. The guys talk about a recent issue with one of Wilson's Great Dane puppies illustrates this and is something that Adam relates to. 

The main feature this week is a look at a methodology for finding which running backs have historically had success behind an offensive line ranked in the bottom 10 in the league.  We went back and looked for running backs who finished in the top 10 in yards, but had an offensive line that finished in the bottom 10 for adjusted line yards.

We found that since 1997, this has happened 34 times. Taking a look at the distribution of where these running backs were drafted, half of them were drafted in the first round and 75% in the first two rounds. The guys talk about some of these top backs and what it could mean for the Seahawks this year. Visit our blog page for a full list of the running backs and where they ranked in yards with their offensive line ranking.

There were some rule changes announced this past week and the kickoff for the NFL season will look different than usual this year. Adam is indifferent to the changes, while Brandan has reasons to believe this change will make for a more exciting play than we've seen in recent years. 

In the second half of the show, we talk about the salary cap impact of Cliff Avril being cut from the team. With that amount of cap room, what are some the things the Seahawks could consider doing? Extensions for players coming into the final year of their rookie deal could be one area to use it, or holding on to it in case something comes up during the season.

Do better goes out to a rogue Amazon device who made the news this week along with a Bleacher Report writer who doesn't seem to know what the word "overrated" actually means. Better at life honors go to a hero in the Denver area and to a Seattle radio host for going against the grain in the media when writing about some of Doug Baldwin's latest comments.