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Oct 27, 2018

The Seahawks are coming off of their bye week and are back on the road to a location that Russell Wilson has yet to win a game. The last time the Seahawks and the Lions played in Detroit, it was Wilson's rookie season. Fortunately, Russell is undefeated against Detroit when he's not a rookie.

A lot of the talk leading up to Sunday's matchup, is how Detroit now has a running game. They now have a talented player to hand the ball off to, but it hasn't changed the way that the Lions and Matt Stafford attack opposing defenses. Even with an improved run game, it isn't as if the Lions are making it a point to shift their offensive philosophy.

Adam and Brandan break down some of the statistics going into the game and where the Lions have the biggest deficiency against the Seahawks. On offense for Detroit, they have a former Seahawks receiver who Adam considers the biggest concern for the Seahawks defense. One area to watch is if the Seahawks pass rush can continue what they showed us against the Raiders, even though the Lions offensive line is much better.

Brian won the pickem league this past week and there is an eerie coincidence that matches up with the 20-year anniversary of an iconic movie. We revisit the segment from last show and cover many of the remaining  types of tape we didn't get in last week's power rankings.  In the Do Better segment, Brandan has a problem with some of the marketing from his cell provider and Adam goes after a writer for ESPN's power rankings. Better at Life honors go to Funko for creating a cereal that is flying off store shelves and to NASA for coming up with a creative way to fix the Hubble telescope.

This November, 12% of proceeds from all game day ProShop sales and rides to and from CenturyLink Field with Lyft will directly benefit nonprofit, The Mission Continues, and their efforts to empower veterans transitioning into their communities.  Use the code GOHAWKS18 into the 'Promos' section of the Lyft App or use the invite link to receive $5 off 12 rides to and from CenturyLink Field on game days.

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