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Feb 1, 2019

The Super Bowl is just hours away, and we're starting off the show with some important quarterback news. It's important because it may just show how lucky we are that Russell Wilson slipped to the third round and the Seahawks were able to take him. With the Pro Bowl this past weekend, Wilson dominated the NFL skills challenges.

One former Seahawks quarterback looks like he may get another chance in the AAF. For those who aren't familiar with that acronym, you're not alone. Maybe the marketing budget isn't quite to the level of the NFL's budget to promote Rams coach Sean McVay. Does that budget also include making sure the refs made the proper calls at the end of the NFC Championship or does that get it's own separate budget?

If you want things done fast and done well, it's not going to be cheap. So will the NFL do the right thing and pay the money it will take to get officiating above the level of scrutiny it has been taking since the championship weekend? In discussing the AFC game, at least we can agree that the overtime rules can stay as is. Another thing that is clear is how fortunate Seahawks fans have been during their three appearances in the NFC Championship.

Adam and Brandan look ahead to this weekend's game. Don't count out Genghis Tom even with a pair of outstanding defensive tackles. They go over some of the key differences between the defensive lines that the Patriots have lost to in the past. For those who don't care to watch the game (most of us), the guys talk about the Sandra Bullock movie bracket that we've been working through on the Facebook page the last couple weeks. It's down to the final four!

The Pro Bowl radio announcers could do much better to provide the theater of the mind to made the game more enjoyable than watching on television.  A Pittsburgh TV station needs to do better when it comes to understanding the line for comedy vs journalism standards. Better at life honors go to Deshawn Watson for upgrading his childhood home for his mother and to Cooper Manning for helping to keep the Manning legacy alive with his son Arch Manning who already looks like a future first overall pick. 

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