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Jan 26, 2014

The Seahawks defeat their NFC West rival to win the NFC Championship 23-17 and move on to Super Bowl XLVIII. Adam returns to civilization to record remotely after a week in the Oregon wilderness and he and Brandan share their different experiences watching the game. Coming out of his cave late this week, Adam realizes Richard Sherman was talked about in the news all week, not for his tipped pass, but for his post-game interview.

The guys take a look at some of the biggest plays of the game, the players who made them happen and the moments they helped to create. Fourth down was big for both teams, but there wasn't a bigger play than Russell Wilsons throw on fourth down to Jermaine Kearse. That touchdown electrified the crowd and fired up the defense in creating three 49ers turnovers late in the game.

There will be more to come in the Seahawks Super Bowl preview against the Broncos. Gerrad's name has been dropped several times on the show and with Denver in the game next Sunday, next week is a perfect time to have him come on and let Seahawks fans know what we might expect and some of the names on the team you may not be familiar with.

With a brief window of opportunity to record, Better at Life is awarded off air to the two Stanford players who rose to the occasion to defeat their former college coach: Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin. GO HAWKS!!