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Jun 13, 2019

This week we kick off the show with some of the discussions coming out of OTAs and mini camp interviews. Rashaad Penny talked about having to learn how to be a professional and several players have talked about changes they've made in the offseason. The guys talk about what some of the differences could be from the professional game to the college game and why players like Shaquille Griffin are talking about changing the way they eat.

We're still waiting for Bobby Wagner to get paid, and while Carson Wentz gets his big pay from the Eagles, the guys talk about what that might mean for Jared Goff and the Rams. Also, with the Seahawks having nearly $30 million in cap space are they to a point where fans should be concerned that new ownership is less willing to spend up to the salary cap?

Not all of the rookies are going to be amazing, so we're going to take some time this week to point out why each one of the Seahawks draft picks could end up being a bust. From L.J. Collier's lack of knees that bend to John Ursua allowing the football to beat him up, we point out what scouts have said as to why each player could fail in the NFL.

Ultimately, we talk about which Seahawks rookie will be the biggest disappointment and that is most likely going to fall on the shoulders of DK Metcalf. Not because he's legitimately going to be bad, but because the expectations are so high for him that it's unlikely for him to get the kind of stats that people seem to be expecting from him.

Adam talks about how he's now dealing with life with smart speakers his house, as he has a Do Better to offer this week and Brandan thanks the past and current Seahawks players who showed up to the Sea Hawkers Annual Banquet last weekend with Better at Life honors this week.

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