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Sep 5, 2019

The 2019 NFL season has officially arrived and the Seahawks started with a huge move and building up what looked like one of their biggest weaknesses in the preseason. Jadeveon Clowney is now a member of the Seahawks and eventually Adam will learn how to pronounce his name. Brandan and Adam take a look at the surprises of the 53-man man roster and give credit to the Seahawks general manager John Schneider for making some significant moves to start the season, but also landing all of his 2019 draft picks. Not a single one was cut, although two head to the PUP list to start the season.

Show topics include:

Seahawks trade for Jadeveon Clowney for much less than expected (00:45)

The shift in media coverage regarding the Clowney trade (04:39)

The importance of Duane Brown's input in making the trade happen (08:46 )

One of John Schneider's best offseasons as Seahawks GM (10:37)

Where to find our bonus pickem show (12:27)

The 2019 Seahawks 53-man roster (12:50)

Where to slot C.J. Prosise on the running back depth chart (18:59)

Two surprising cuts were a tactical strategy for the Seahawks (22:46)

Seahawks are a major player in the NFC in 2019 (28:14)

When did the NFL legalize the forward pass? (30:43)

Seahawks Week 1 matchup against the Bengals (32:13)

Are the Seahawks turning the corner on their rebuild effort? (37:21)

2019 Pickem League update (40:20)

Jared Goff signs a long-term deal with the Rams (47:38)

The Cowboys decide to pay their running back (56:46)

Welcome to the flock! (1:00:05)

Best way to watch live Seahawks football from outside the area? (1:04:57)

Pete Carroll driving the DK Metcalf hype train (1:07:20)

The Bard checks back in (1:10:01)

The initial power rankings for the Seahawks (1:13:25)

Do Better: Adam demonstrates how he can't handle change (1:19:09)

Do Better: Seahawks wide receivers not named David Moore (1:19:56)

Better at life: A mom who came up with an all-time great sports name (1:22:02)

Better at life: The coldest to ever GM (1:24:12)

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