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Sep 14, 2019

With less than 36 hours before a Week 2 matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers, have Seahawks fans had enough time to cool off after a narrow victory over the Cincinnati Bengals? There were some frustrating moments in this game, but the team was able to pull out the win and the defense was able to hold their opponent to just three points in the second half. Seahawks fans can be excited that DK Metcalf lived up to the hype by breaking a record held by the greatest wide receiver in Seahawks history.

The Steelers are coming off an embarrassing loss to New England, and historically that was been bad news for their opponents when they play at home the following week. What could the Seahawks have learned from that performance against the Patriots both in terms of attacking the Steelers defense and the key to slowing down Big Ben early in this game.

Topics discussed include:

Seahawks fans seemed frustrated by this Bengals win (0:54)

DK Metcalf has record breaking first game as a Seahawks receiver (4:31)

Chris Carson led the team in receiving targets (6:02) 

Pete Carroll challenges a Tre Flowers pass interference call (7:17)

How to pronounce Jadeveon Clowney's first name (11:50)

Andy Dalton demonstrates whether or not yards matter (13:35)

The offensive line was overwhelmed by the Bengals defensive line (16:51) 

A look at the Steelers opening matchup against the Patriots (17:57)

Why did we think the Bengals were going to be bad? (19:33)

The last time the Seahawks won in Pittsburgh was in 1999 (22:08)

The key to stopping the Steelers (23:44)

How a win is key to a Super Bowl victory (25:09)

Good news for the Seahawks defensive line despite a Poona Ford injury (29:11)

Welcome to the Flock (34:13)

Pickem league Week 1 winner (36:48)

Meetup plans for Seahawks vs Saints (38:48)

Do Better - California drivers (52:48)

Do better - NFL refs who enjoy calling offensive pass interference (53:35)

Better at life - Anonymous business owner (56:32)

Better at life - John Schneider and the new sensory room at the stadium (58:17)

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