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Nov 22, 2019

It's been two years since the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl and many of us still have the feeling that they're a good team. The team continues to have a stacked roster. But then you look at the record of the Eagles and some of their losses as they sit at 5-5 on the season and you can't help but wonder what the issue is. How could a team that beat the 8-2 Packers lose to a Falcons team that only won a single game going into their bye week?

The answer: juice. It's something we see from the Seahawks in how they play for one another and it's something that you don't get a sense of when watching the Eagles in those down weeks. We talk about how Philadelphia could be working through some of the same issues as the Seahawks faced after their Super Bowl, but it was a decision at the quarterback spot that could have impacted the team. So how does one predict what could happen in a game against a team that has the ability to be very good or very bad.

Brandan calls out Google in the Do Better segment and Adam has something for everyone on either side of the Colin Kaepernick workout. Lamar Jackson is leading the Pro Bowl vote and deserves a Better at Life nod and we close out the show with a Better at Life for the Flock for their help in donating half a ton of turkey to families in need on Thanksgiving.

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