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Feb 6, 2020

We start off the show by celebrating the Chiefs win over of NFC West rival and a fourth quarter collapse that allowed 21 fourth quarter points by Kansas City. As much heat as Kyle Shanahan is getting, very little criticism seems to be going toward the San Francisco defense for being anti-clutch in the final moments. We discuss the joy many Seahawks fans are experiencing with Richard Sherman unable to add a second title with his new team.

Now that the 2019 season is officially behind us, what needs to change for the Seahawks in 2020. Does Pete Carroll's philosophy need to evolve, could Russell Wilson talk him into allowing the team to run a more up-tempo offense? Adam discusses how the Seahawks can increase their tempo without changing the mindset of being physical in the run game.

The discussion leads toward free agency and which players the Seahawks may choose not to re-sign and also players they may cut to add some additional cap space. The biggest key to the offseason should be improving the pass rush and focusing on ways to improve the team's ability to stay healthy throughout the season.

Pick'em league winners are announced and the full results are posted. Congratulations go out to those who finished in the top 10 spots. Do better goes to the wind and people who don't return their carts in the parking lot as well as a discussion surrounding the geography of the Super Bowl winner. Better at life honors go to Brandan's daughters effort in the school spelling bee and to Andy Reid for earning his first Super Bowl title as a head coach.

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