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May 22, 2020

It's the first show of the second half of the Seahawks offseason, just past the Seahawkquinox, and there were a lot of strange things to happen at the apex of the offseason. First, we discuss the rumor that apparently was being thrown around two years ago, but was apparently only worth reporting now that Russell Wilson is being considered as the second-most untradeable player in the offseason. We go back to the initial audio that sparked the flurry of stories as Chris Simms seemed to downplay a rumor he didn't believe was worth following up on at the time.

Another story that we don't have a clear picture of is what happened leading up to the arrest warrant being issued for the new Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar. The story from the initial report was that Dunbar was involved in a robbery, but not long after the reports had changed and stories from witnesses had evolved to Dunbar having left the scene before the robbery took place.

We also discuss team news like Geno Smith coming back to the Seahawks and a pair of veteran running backs the Seahawks have reportedly discussed contracts with. One listener says he'll be done with the NFL if games are played this fall without fans, and we talk about how the games could be broadcast to make it less weird.

In the second half of the show, we discuss the Rams new uniforms as well as a new rule that would take the place of the onside kick. A member of the flock points to how many of the Seahawks moves stem from some of the issues Seattle struggled with in their game against the Packers. We also look back at a listener who took issue with the discussion coming out of the draft show a few weeks back.

Finally, we note areas where Russell Wilson and the Seahawks have been disrespected in the Do Better segment this week. Better at life honors go out to a Browns fan on YouTube and to Will Ferrell for one of his comments going after a current member of the Seahawks tight end group.

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