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May 24, 2014

The Seahawks are fresh off a trip to the White House where they were showered by praise by the President. President Obama was disappointed he couldn't get tips on dealing with the media from Marshawn who, according to his mom, just didn't want to go. Adam and Brandan break down how well BO did in the presence of the LOB.

With rookie mini camp having wrapped up this week, the guys talk about the 2014 draft and some of the players who stood out. Kevin, a listener from "enemy territory" in Denver calls in. Since he pointed out on Facebook that he "dropped a bigger bomb than Denver's D" we figured we'd definitely have to play his call and give him a really hard time for a really minor slip up.

Lastly, the guys talk about the Legion of Boom now being signed through the next few seasons, before having Sgt. Jeff Baker, Army Ranger and Purple Heart Recipient, come on the show to talk about his experience announcing the Seahawks fourth round draft picks. and the owner of the Cleveland Browns are reprimanded in the "Do Better" segment. The guys wrap the show up with nominations for "Better at Life" directed toward a decision by the NFL owners to hold off on playoff expansion and an effort by Adam Corolla for taking on the podcast patent trolls.