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Jan 12, 2021

Was this week's loss to the Rams in the playoffs the most disappointing and frustrating performance of the Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson era, or was it the most predictable? Either way it was the first home loss in the playoffs since the 2004 playoffs, which coincidentally was also against the Rams franchise. Russell Wilson, with two healthy thumbs, was outplayed by a quarterback who looked like he could feel his heartbeat in his throwing thumb. Pete Carroll passed over opportunities to go for it on fourth down early in the game, but then when his hand was forced the offense narrowly missed a delay of game only to get a false start.

Penalties cost the Seahawks the game, turnovers cost the team the game, and Wilson unable to respond from questions about his play from the previous eight weeks cost the Seahawks the game. Despite the Rams defense playing extremely well, we discuss a variety of ways the offense could have attacked their rival and either stayed true to the slogan or by making other adjustments.

We'll look at Pete Carroll's post-game comments in the next episode, but this week we discuss how Carroll's philosophy may be worth questioning after multiple seasons of early playoff exits. Could the offensive coordinator be on the hot seat? We talk about possible coaching moves as well as how we'll likely see more questions this offseason surrounding Wilson than any other season. 

Those questions are already beginning to be thrown out there on Twitter as highlighted in Do Better and there are deeper questions about whether humans are alone in the universe that we may hear more about this summer. Better at Life honors go to Tony Romo for offering some comedic relief following the Seahawks playoff game and to the Seahawks Swab Team getting recognition for their efforts this season.

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