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Jan 20, 2021

As the 2020 season closes out for the Seahawks, we recap the news from this past week. The biggest news is that the Seahawks are moving on from Brian Schottenheimer as the team's offensive coordinator. John Schneider apparently isn't going to the Detroit Lions after all. Instead, he signs with the Seahawks through 2027. However, Seattle did lose one name from their front office to the Carolina Panthers.

Were there any clues from Pete Carroll's press conference to close out the season that suggests that Schottenheimer was on the way out? There were certainly clues about the direction the Seahawks coach wants to head in. As much as there are concerns about it shifting too heavily toward the run, Pete was very clear about it not being a monumental shift. He wants to run teams out of playing two-deep safeties, he wants to improve on third down conversions, and he wants to continue to be explosive in the passing game.

Russell Wilson also gave his final press conference while vacationing from Mexico. It was a different tone from the Seahawks quarterback than we've heard in previous seasons, and he wanted to make sure we all know how critical it is that he's a part of the process with hiring the new offensive coordinator and being "on the same page." But who should the new offensive coordinator be? We work through all the names that have been projected and ultimately settle on one name we haven't heard many Seahawks fans talking about.

Adam has some thoughts on Seahawks players who were talking about how difficult one particular aspect of the season was to overcome. Brandan goes after Texans fans for coming up with a terrible idea for a cause they chose to march about near the stadium in Houston. Better at life honors go to a man for peacefully residing in an airport for months and to a couple of teams for making the choice to hire defensive coordinators for their head coaching vacancies.

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