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Jan 29, 2021

The Seattle Seahawks have announced their new offensive coordinator and Shane Waldron will come up from Los Angeles to join the Seattle Seahawks. The worst part about this move is that it forces us to say some things that sound like there are some positive components of the Rams offense. But the best part about is may be that it may signal a compliment to Russell Wilson's game that could help the team improve. However, it does come with some risk.

Ahead of this episode, we reached out to our members of the Flock and the Ring of Honor group of Facebook to get some questions from the group on the things that you want to talk about. Before we get there, we talk a bit about the NFC Championship game and the call by the refs and the fourth down decision and how those moments impacted the game.

In our mailbag segment, we talk about the Seahawks free agents the team could be most likely to keep some players we'd be okay with moving on from, and where the cap money should be focused on in the offseason when it comes to free agency. With NFC West rivals looking to upgrade at quarterback, we talk about the worst possible outcome in the division this offseason. Plus, we rank some of the sexiest deep balls of Russell Wilson's career. One email even inspires our new slogan we'd like to see pitched to the Seahawks new offensive coordinator.

In our Do Better segment, Falcons new head coach Arthur Smith is recognized for dropping the most cliches ever in an introductory "hype" video. Aaron Rodgers gets called out for passing on accountability following the game against Tampa Bay. Better at life honor go to Marshawn Lynch and to the Lions new head coach who, by the most recent press conference, appears to be the anti-Arthur Smith.

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