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Feb 11, 2021

Wasting no time with offseason drama from the Seahawks this offseason, news came out on the day of the Super Bowl that teams were making calls to Seattle about their interest in Russell Wilson. Though the news expressly came along with the disclaimer that the Seahawks, of course, weren't interested. Yet, by Wednesday, there were sports betting sites laying odds as to which team Wilson would be going to next.

So where did this come from? We pull the quotes from former Seahawks receiver Brandon Marshall and Russell Wilson's quotes from the Dan Patrick Show that seemed to generate most of this discussion. Interestingly enough, nowhere in those discussions were any kind of hints that Wilson is demanding to be traded or suggesting that he's unhappy with the team. Instead, he's clearly focused on what Seattle needs to do this offseason to improve - acquiring talent to put together an offensive line that can protect their star quarterback.

Considering what we all witnessed in Super Bowl 55, that should be the goal for every team in the NFL. Because we saw the league MVP from 2018 and the league MVP from 2020 both struggle against the Tampa Bay Bucs defensive front. Russell Wilson is focused on the right priority and the Seahawks front office should have that same focus as well!

We also discuss the Matt Stafford trade to the Los Angeles Rams and what it means for the division. Adam brings a historical perspective at quality quarterbacks who have made mid- or late-career moves. Plus, we take another shot at nicknaming the new offensive coordinator and the results from an in-depth data analysis on some important career tendencies.

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Do better call outs this week go to Adam's truck for continuing to find ways to uniquely break down, and how people need to learn how to ask Kam Chancellor the correct questions when they see him in person. Better at life honors go to the NFL's Man of the Year and to the crew at the Around the NFL podcast for blowing off Super Bowl coverage to honor one of their former co-hosts.

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