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Feb 23, 2021

As it turns out there's a bit more discussion we can have on Russell Wilson without it being a repeat of last week. We talk about the Josina Anderson tweet updating us all that Russell Wilson isn't getting traded and agree with Joe Fann's assessment that what it really means is that all is perfect in Seattle. Russell Wilson hit 3 on the scale of unhappy offseason Russ last year when he said he wanted stars, and this year he's turned it up to 4. Still a long way to go before we're in Deshaun Watson territory.

Nick Wright of FS1 came up with the "perfect fake trade" that would send Seattle to the bottom of the NFC West and cost Pete Carroll and John Schneider their jobs. Seahawks fans aren't going to be happy with Nick Bosa on their team with Watson leading the 49ers to division titles. At least Mike Florio came up with some trade ideas that at least get Seattle a pick of the top two quarterbacks from the 2021 draft. If management were to accept either of those, they'd have to be certain we'd be watching Seattle compete for a title in the next three years.

Free agency is around the corner, and Zach Ertz's name is coming up in possible trade talks. Carlos Dunlap is on the mind of some Seahawks fans to make cap space, but some are willing to suggest that money could be better used to bring another Bengals player to Seattle to be the third option at wide receiver.

We announce the top 10 teams from the pick'em league this year. If you participated and want to be in the running for the 2020 James Harrison Award, you can go to and comment with your team name or comment in the post from the Ring of Honor group on Facebook.

Our thoughts go out to those in Texas who are recovering following the massive power outages in Texas. Adam's passion about his problems with the power grid electrify a segment of 'Do Better' and Brandan goes after the NCAA. Better at life honors go to NASA and a plea for them to create an amazing fund raising idea, as well as the current and former Seahawks who are helping feed families in Texas who were impacted by the recent disaster. 

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