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Apr 11, 2022

Russell Wilson has been traded to the Denver Broncos, Bobby Wagner has signed with the Los Angeles Rams and there are multiple Seahawks players who have gone to the Pro Bowl who seem unlikely to return to the team. The second Hawkpocalypse of the Pete Carroll and John Schneider tenure is upon us.

Both Wilson and Wagner had their introductory press conferences in the past couple weeks, and we check in on each of them to get more information about their departure. We also learn that Russell Wilson's new head coach is a huge Wilson fanboy and based on everything we're hearing, this move could lead to the Broncos and Wilson being cursed by the move. Bobby Wagner says he doesn't have any hate in his heart for the team, but he was bothered by John Schneider's explanation regarding why he didn't hear directly from the team about his impending release.

Are there more big moves on the horizon for the team? DK Metcalf may eat a lot of candy and still have perfect abs, but even that can't make us dislike him enough to try and send him out of town to a team like the New York Jets. We discuss the reasons why differing reports about a possible trade could both be accurate.

Lastly, the Razzies and Adam's latest effort to get in shape land in the 'Do Better' segment.  Better at Life honors go to a local mechanic and to the NCAA Basketball Champions.