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Jul 26, 2022

In the final week of our Know Your Rival series for 2022, we take our time trying to work up the interest in talking about this particular rival. The Los Angeles Rams caught so many big breaks throughout the post-season last year that it still is difficult to talk about this upcoming year without thinking back to the previous season. Plus, we have to consider that they should earn a similar curse for signing our future Hall of Fame linebacker.

Not only did the Rams pay a former Seahawks star, they paid just about everyone who was primarily responsible for the big year last season. Matt Stafford, Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp all got paid this offseason. We discuss which contract has the bigger chance to ultimately hurt the franchise. One could argue, though, that those contracts are already hurting the team and their chances at a possible repeat. Losing solid starters on the offensive line, defensive line, in the secondary and on special teams all have the ability to close whatever margin that allowed them to overcome close games in the playoffs last year. Maybe it even allows the Seahawks to finally turn the tables on the Sean McVay coached team.

In the second half of the show, we talk how the Arizona Cardinals put off signing Kyler Murray for a week. It kept us from discussing how terrible of a move it really is on last week's rival episode. Seahawks fans in Germany aren't getting enough credit for causing the spike in demand that has prices skyrocketing for the game against Tampa Bay this season. But did any Sea Hawkers in the area get tickets? We get into other nonsense like bananas, robots and must see 80s movies for the family. The Madden franchise dominates our Do Better segment, and Better at Life honors go to new space technology and a Hall of Fame quarterback.

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