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Oct 29, 2014

Russell Wilson engineers a game-winning drive against the Panthers to complete a rather ugly 13-9 win. Seahawks fans can rejoice because it ends a two-game losing streak. This week Brandan checks in from Bay Area with Adam manning the fort back in Missoula to talk about optimism for the season moving forward. Though Brandan admits that some of the "battered fan syndrome" experienced in years past is starting to creep back in.

They talk about how an improved pass rush impacted the game and Bruce Irvin was able to show up when it mattered post. Special teams is also a focus as Paul Richardson shows his speed on kick returns and Richard Sherman fills in as punt returner. Which one could take the job away from Bryan Walters?

The guys preview the matchup against the Raiders. Brandan speaks with Raider Ron, who will be attending his 239th straight Raiders game (including home and away games). It's clear that Ron isn't expecting much for this year's team, but hopes are high for the future with budding stars on both sides of the ball.

We read some of our latest reviews of the show and an email from a listener who says he's going to stop listening because of the bad juju it has brought upon the team. Adam says Cam Newton needs "do better" especially when it comes to signaling first downs even when he comes up short. Brandan directs his "do better" to Mike Freeman for unnecessarily introducing race in the story about Russell Wilson and other members of the Seahawks locker room. Better at life honors go to a article and Seahawks owner Paul Allen for his contributions to fight ebola.