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Feb 26, 2015

Rumors about a contract extension for Russell Wilson have been swirling around over the past week. Adam and Brandan talk about whether Wilson could see a fully guaranteed contract or whether or not he would hold off until the end of next season to negotiate.

Another contract being talked about is Marshawn Lynch's deal. It's not a done deal yet, but the rumblings sound as though something is close. Would the extra money to Marshawn be good for the team and it's ability to bring in more talent? The guys also take a look at a recent article on Hawkblogger showing how Doug Baldwin was able to get open more often against Darrelle Revis than we may have thought by looking at the box score.

Darin Pike, the first blogger to be a guest on this podcast, comes back on the show to hit on a ton of topics from an article he out this week on free agency, the draft, and other offseason projections. You can find Darin's work at 12th Man Musings on

Brandan's "do better" is directed toward Seahawks players who thought there may have been specific intent that went into the final Super Bowl play call, while Adam takes a run at Adrian Peterson;s agent and a member of the Vikings front office. Better at life honors go out to J.K. Simmons and his Oscar acceptance speech as well as a group of astronomers who discovered a black hole 12 billion times the size of the Sun.


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