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Apr 30, 2015

We have a new intro! A big thanks to Leah (or FM DJ Chick if you see her rocking her #12 jersey) for offering her voice talent. It's a great way to kick of this week's show before Brandan breaks the news to Adam that he wants to be in an open podcasting relationship. The guys move on to Russell Wilson's budding relationship which has Adam fired up about how some people in the media are treating the situation.

The guys get into real football talk and get into some Seahawks Draft Appreciation 101 with a breakdown of how many players are still in the NFL from five years of drafting under John Schneider and Pete Carroll. Of 48 players drafted only four have completely departed from professional football. Picking up Bruce Irvin's option before the May 3rd deadline turns into a big topic as well.

Adam shares the team's approach to undrafted free agents and how they may be a step ahead of the league in how they court guys who don't get selected this year. And lastly before the break they look at Big Red Bryant and if there is any potential he could rejoin the team.

We respond to a call from DCH, some great emails, and get into our Do Better picks for the week. Smoking Jay Cutler and the Comedian In Chief are "better at life" this week.

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