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May 23, 2015

The offseason continues  with another rules change, this time to the PAT. The guys talk about how much, if any, it has the potential to affect the league and the Seahawks. Adam and Brandan discuss an article that adds to the hype surrounding rookie receiver Tyler Lockett and discuss any impact the Dolphins deal with Ryan Tannehill could impact the Seahawks negotiations. From an email, the guys address why Tom Cable may not be happy with a majority of offensive lineman in college football.

David from Virginia joins the show after his clairvoyant prediction of the penalty the Patriots would have to face (and they've since accepted) and he takes Adam to task explaining why four games is the right punishment for Tom Brady. 

Seahawks rookie offensive lineman Terry Poole joins us for an interview this week. The fourth round pick tells us whether or not he thinks his prediction for the NBA Finals can hold up, ask whether or not he already has a healthy dislike for the 49ers and Broncos engrained in him from his NFL fandom growing up and his approach to life after making some “knucklehead” mistakes in high school.

We take your emails on Cary Wiliams, why the show may have lost a listener because of Adam's ignorance on the Wells report, and discuss the anti-Darrell Bevell website online. Do better awardees go to Paul Lukas of ESPN for his list of top NFL uniforms while Adam focuses on a NBA post-game incident. Better at life honors go out to Russell Wilson and his approval rating and David Letterman for his legendary stretch of late night television as he goes off into retirement.

Articles discussed:

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