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Oct 22, 2016

The guys take a look at some of the impacts injuries may have on Sunday's game and look at one area where Arizona Cardinals fans are touting their number one rank in a specific defensive stat. Onf our members of the flock clarifies some of his comments from the last show and the guys talk about the Seahawks defense and their chances to finish as the number one defense.

While it would be great to have a fifth straight season as the top scoring defense, Brandan talks about the one thing that can solidify the Seattle defense as the best ever in any era. Clearly the Seahawks are passionate about the best and Richard Sherman demonstrated that last weekend, Tony Dungy talked about why the play Sherman blew up on wasn't likely his fault and how things may have been different with Kam Chancellor in the game.

Finally, the guys look at the other teams in the NFC playoff picture. Which teams look like the most likely to be in the playoffs and can the Vikings get a top seed? The guys also talk about Russell Wilson's temperament and Adam explains why he sees tremendous virtue in how Wilson handles adversity.