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Nov 19, 2016

Richard Sherman called out Seahawks fans this week for not wanting to vote the players in, you know, because we're going to the Super Bowl. There are good reasons to vote for them, though. It's because they deserve to be Pro Bowlers! Adam and Brandan talk about which players on the offense and defense should get our votes (Note: we didn't talk special teams, but we know we're voting for all our guys there).

Next, we recognize Chris Simms of Bleacher Report for actually saying something positive about the Seahawks and that Coach Pete Carroll should be recognized among the all-time best coaches in sports. He points to Carroll's positivity as something that keeps him out of the conversation, because all of the other top coaches tend to be jerks or at least appear that way. Simms does get one thing wrong as part of his 60-second monologue when referring to the Seahawks.