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Feb 5, 2017

An extended bonus show for you on Super Bowl Sunday! The guys offer some final thoughts on which team they'll be rooting for and discuss the 49ers decision to hire John Lynch on as their GM (stay tuned at the end for a mock phone call between Belichick and Lynch on a potential trade offer along with some other clips that didn't make this week's show). 

National Signing Day was this week when high school players decide which college to go to. The Seahawks released a list of how their starters rated out in high school and you may be surprised at how few were top athletes coming out of high school.

The guys get into some email from this past week that hit on topics to consider this offseason, some clickbait sites to stay away from for your offseason NFL news, a look at which teams have successfully won on the road in the Divisional Round and one improvement to officiating that Adam thinks would change the game.