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Oct 28, 2017

In the 40-0 win by the Ravens over the Dolphins, there was one issue that bubbled to the surface for the Seahawks. Watching Alex Collins rack up yards as the top back for Baltimore, when he was easily among the least effective runners in the preseason has a lot of Seattle fans scratching their heads. The guys talk about where the Seahawks running game is at now, they touch on a locker room issue that has players taking sides and reportedly "dividing" the locker room. 

In this weeks picks, the guys both agree that Pittsburgh's record makes them appear much better than they are and have them picked to lose to the Lions. New England might be in trouble, even against the Chargers, after a big loss for them on defense. And coming off a 40-10 win over the 49ers, the Cowboys still shouldn't be the favorite in their divisional matchup.