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Nov 18, 2017

One piece of semi-good news has Brandan excited that his preseason crush could rejoin the team. He talks about what that will take for it to happen. There are ominous signs that Kam's injury could sideline him for an extended period of time and now with Sherman already out the guys discuss how quickly  the consequences of an aging LOB can show up. 

With Sherman out, Brandan talks about why his future with the team could be jeopardized if members of the secondary step up in his absence. Adam talks about why it may be a necessity based on what we've seen from other football teams.

Adam takes a loss to start off the week with his "risk pick" and Brandan picks a team that probably has no business going on the road and getting a win. 

Congrats to Erin (HawksDozen) on her perfect week last week!