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Dec 30, 2017

We wrap up 2017 with the final show of the Nach on Sports for 2017 by talking about the Seahawks win over the Cowboys and how the defense was able to return to a form Seahawks fans have come to expect even without some of Seattle's star players.

Anthony and Brandan look at the position the Seahawks find themselves in and what needs to happen for Seattle to make the playoffs. They talk about the season Russell Wilson is having and if he has a chance to be the league MVP especially when you put some of his numbers into perspective.

Looking ahead to the Cardinals game, it could be another defensive matchup for these two teams. Bruce Arians says that Arizona is coming to their home field. But Brandan points out why it's really Carson Palmer's home field more than it is the Arians and the Cardinals.

Brandan offers his college picks for this weekend's games before disconnecting from the radio waves as Anthony fills in for Adam for this week's picks. Anthony talks about why he's excited to see if the Chargers can get into the playoffs and make something happen, while Brandan has another motive for wanting the Chargers to succeed.

They also talk about the NFL's structure of week 17 and why it's important for keeping up interest in the games on the schedule and they talk about some of the potential teams to look for once the playoffs begin.